Monday, April 21, 2008

Update on ...stuff =)

So it has been a few months into school (obviously) and I'm in grade 8. I made a myspace page, so totally check it out =D Lately I have been hanging out with friends and just chilling. Trampolining has been pretty good, since I started last year I have learned some pretty neat tricks. Me and my friends are making a new video for Youtube, we made a 6 person team and we just do tricks and flips, and it will be up by the Term One holidays. We named ourselves the 369 KR3W. We came up with the name because there are 3 main people, who do all the big stuff, and 6 people all up, and 3+6=9. So yeah schoolwork hasbeen going pretty good, I get lot's of good choice cards, which are little awards we get for being nerdy *rolls eyes* I have got 6 in 3 weeks =P Well that's what has happening the last few months, just Friends, School and Trampolining. Can't wait till November, Simone ;) Will post more later byee =)


Simone Triffitt said...

Thanks Jayme. You can be on nappy duty if you like ha,ha.

Wheeler Team said...

Good to see you getting into the blogging thing a bit more. I'll take some photos for you to add if you like!

The Kings said...

I thought you might have given up on blogging Jayme! Well done for the awards at school - don't roll the eyes - it is good! You should be proud :) Exciting that you are getting a new cousin by the end of the year too!