Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Blob... Blog**

Okay so I have read many other people's blogs, and decided I must create one, so here it is.


Yeah well I barely have any photos, but I have had a great Christmas, and I'm exhausted already. On Christmas Eve my family had a party with like 40 people, or something, and it was very fun. On Christmas we opened presents ( I got a Playstation3 !! ) and had more parties. On Boxing day, it was my cute little cousins birthday, and we went to Bridport for one week. We stayed at Auntie Collettes house, but she hasn't been home, she went to the Meet Market- I mean the Youth Convention. During Bridport we have gone bike riding, swimming at the beach, ate food, slept, drank water, and went to the beach, hung out, went to the beach, stuffed around at Collettes, went to the beach again... and more beachness. Yes we love the beach. I'm tired and worn out from all the excitement... But now my friend Patrick is sleeping over tonight and we're gonna have a party!! Maybe. So yeah there is still a long way to go till holidays are over, by the way I'm getting braces, and I hope they don't end in a hurry.

Peace out (What?) -Jayme

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The Kings said...

Nice blog Jayme! Good to see you are following in your Auntie's ways.