Saturday, April 4, 2009

No! It's not true! I am not back!

Seriously... I'm not. Maybe. Well temporarily. Let's just say I'm using my blog for something small, but you don't need to pay attention to it, so if you're not interested about what I always get up to all the time then leave now.

I started my personal anime project, where I watch entire series of anime, after which I review them. I will post up my reviews some other time, but if you're eager and want them now they're available on my Myspace Blog.


Hellsing Ultimate
Full Metal Panic!

Now Watching:

Rosario + Vampire
Death Note


Neon Genesis Evangelion
Vampire Hunter D

List of anime I'm reviewing

Blood: The Last Vampire
Full Metal Panic
Rosario + Vampire
Voices of a Distant Star
Ghost in the Shell
Spirited Away
Hellsing Ultimate
Death Note
Vampire Hunter D
Neon Genesis Evangelion

And there we have it... That's all for now. I might get back into the blogging, but I've got a whole lot of anime I need to watch. Byee.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Farewell Hooligans!

I have not blogged since October, because I have moved my blogging over to Gamespot. Yes. Much better then Blogspot. Because it has GAME instead of BLOG. So this is a farewell post. I'm not doing anymore blogs here... well I might in the future but probably not. :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Check out our new Lounge!

Well if you want more info check out my Mum's blog (Lisa Wheeler incase you... forgot) which she will be posting any moment, but basically we got a new kitchen and our lounge looks much cooler with... an LCD in the corner and a new mat! Well the mat isn't so excited but anyhow...

...Excellent :D

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So much for "We're a Happy Team at Hawthorn..."

...As most of us left Aurora Stadium sad.

So today Mum and Dad said that we (Emily, Rohan and I) could have the day off school today (Monday 29th September) so we could go to the Hawthorn signings at their home ground. Yes, I go for Bulldogs and Emily goes for Essendon, but the Tassie Hawks are our favourite team when our primary teams aren't there.

Emily and Jessica (Who cam to pick us up and take us) waited in line for the signings for almost 2 hours before we left, but during that time Rohan and I took photos and had a kick of the footy. It was a very happy day for Rohan as he was very excited but he left he was heartbroken.

The organisation of the thing, firstly, was terrible. There was one huge line that led to a big bundle of the players and people wanting autographs. The actual players weren't mean't to leave the grounds until 4:30... but they all left at 3:00, for some strange reason, and left hundreds of fans upset. We didn't even get to see them up close, we saw them entering, but from a 50 metre distance.

At the end Emily asked the Manager if he could get a signature he simply said, "Sorry they've already left," even though they weren't to leave for another hour and a half, "But they will be back next year." But the thing is, how long until the season starts again?

Rohan, and many more children, looked up to these players and believed it was a once in a life time opportunity and they just silenced them by leaving early. It was fun playing on the oval but next time I hope to see more organisation to the set up.

Update: September

Well it has been a very long time since I last posted but I have decided to get into business again. Ok so you may know but I made these animations called "Jay & Stu's Animated Adventures" and I do the voices, animation and everything, but incase you haven't seen them (they're somwhat pathetic) then the link is

Anyway in the Holidays we, Mum, Dad and I, went to Sydney. Up there we met up with Collette and Nan Gibson. It was good because it was my very first trip inside the Temple, last time we came up to the mainland I wasn't allowed in, so we stood outside. We went shopping a fair bit and also went up close to the Sydney Opera House. "Oh my gosh, big woop," you might say but bear in mind it was my first time within, like, one kilometre within range, in fact I got to touch it!

We stayed at the Temple Accommodation, it's very messy

Unfortunately my camera had no batteries so I didn't get to take any photos of it with my camera, they're all on Collette's, so when I get them I will post them. I did, however, get to take photos of the Temple (which is better).

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Update: Holidays

Yesterday was both of my poppy's birthdays, so we visited both of their houses. Noel Wheeler is 71 and Steven Lanham is 58, umm I mean 21. Today I made sherbet. It's real nice, if you want to make it here is the recipe:

20 teaspoons of Icing Sugar,
1 teaspoon of Citric Acid (can't use the liquid you have to use the powder),
1 teaspoon of Bicarb
3 teaspoons of Jelly Crystals, but be careful otherwise it tastes like soap.

It's holidays now and on Saturday the footy was on and Bulldogs won woot woot. SUCKED IN AARON KING BAHAHAHAHahaha...ha. We were in the standing area and by the last quarter we just stood on the stairs because it was easier to see that way. I hope I get to see the Lions vs the Hawks later this year.

Guessing Game

Guess who this adorable baby is...

Keep guessing...

Got it yet?

That's right... it's ME =D

Mum and Dad found these pictures and I decided to scan them onto the computer.
Speaking of them... look how young Lisa and Chris are...

Hehe look at little baby Rohan he's sssoooo cute.