Friday, May 2, 2008

Young Mens Camp

Well on Friday the young men of East Ward went on a camping trip at Myrtle Park, and if we could sum up the whole time in one word it would be "COLD." We met at the Chapel and drove off in two cars to Myrtle Park, which is about 45 minutes away. So when we got there it was dark and we set up the tents and camp fire and we went to go get some more fire wood, and Sam and Jake were trying to shake the branches off trees, and the whole tree collapsed! They pulled the whole (estimated to be about as tall as our house) thing from it's roots! *It was dead, so that's probably why* and then later we played capture the flag. 4 people vs 4, Sam, Joe, Jake and Arron vs Aaron, Brad, Jack and I, and it was the most lengendariest (word?) game ever! It was the perfect weather (very, very foggy) and we got basically the whole campsite. The funniest bit would have been when everyone from our team went over to get the flag from the other team and it was next to Joe's car and when we were near it he came running out of his car screaming at everyone... It was scary yet hilarious.

Another funny bit was when Brad went over to the other side and started talking to Joe and he asked him where the flag was, and Brad was actually a decoy, since Joe thought Brad was Arron, Aaron Bailey ran over to get the flag. But the thing was; the stick was stuck so far into the ground, that Aaron was wobbling it and pulling it for a minute or two while Brad distracted Joe. It ended up being a tie. We all went back to the Camp Fire telling each other jokes. It was great fun and then at about 1:00am we went to bed. It was so cold, even in the tents! Although... Jack and Kieran slept outside.

When they woke up the next morning they found that their sleeping bags had frozen over, it had frost all over it! So overall, it was worth it =) Can't wait till next YM Camp.


Kieran Spilling said...

nice jayme! i had a great time to and its so good to see that you can't wait for the next YM's camp just like me! i'll write my blog on this soon!

Joe Rogers said...

Awesome blog mate, I have saved it under favourites! I loved the YMs review, lets just say it was the legandarist review ever!
Camp was awesome, we will do another soon, purely due to public demand!
Cheers Joe

The Kings said...

Looks cold!! Can't believe that Kieran and Jack slept outside!