Sunday, May 18, 2008

BYU Young Ambassadors

So everyone pretty much knows what has been going on the last few days and we've had a lot of fun with the Play at the Princess Theatre, the Fireside at the chapel and before our ambassadors left we just had to take photos.
Aahh a nice portrait, they're going to be remembered for years.

"I beleive I can touch the sky!"

Posers. Lol.

The BYU students who stayed at our place were Carson (The singer on the far left in the 60's Sherry Baby) and Clay (The "hot keyboard player" -quoted by Collette Gibson). We have had such a great time with them, and I wish that they could have stayed longer. On Youtube someone videoed the performance up until the end of the Camelot act... probably should say act, so you can see it up there, but the quality isn't that good.
So overall the whole BYU adventure was the most funnest experiance I have had in my whole life. I think it would be awesome to go up and see them in USA.


The Kings said...

So cool that you guys could have them stay with you! It is something you will hopefully never forget. They were VERY talented.

Collette said...

credit where credit is due...thats all i'll say:)